Globally Inspired Cuisine

Cosmopolitan yet casual.  It’s a delicate line to walk but Santé Restaurant does it with panache – offering globally inspired cuisine in a comfortably elegant setting.  

Although diners tend to be passionate about Santé’s menu, they also rave over the loft-like windows, which look over the famous Chateau Laurier Hotel and the busy Sussex and Rideau streetscapes.  An extensive wine menu features more than 50 wines to choose from and knowledgeable staff are pleased to offer suggestions.  Monthly curated art exhibits give Santé a whole new look with every visit.

Dining out does not have to be an un-healthy experience.  Santé offers a menu based on the ancient wisdom of the East and the principles of food as medicine.  Fresh vegetables are at the centre of every single dish we prepare. Herbs and spices are chosen not only for their taste value but also for their unique health promoting properties.We are pleased to offer our guests local, seasonal and organic products which complement our dishes. Additionally, our kitchen is happy to accommodate those with any food or dietary restriction.

For business or pleasure, large gatherings to intimate groups we would be pleased if you would be our guest.